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harpy_furman    21.10.2007 07:50


O da, oni udivitelny!
Vpervye uslyshala ih vzhivuju v malenkom klube v Birminghame, zatem - cherez god - byli perepolnennye Luzhniki... Eto bylo dovolno davno, no oschuschenija pomnu do sih por!

Tak chto prekrasno vas ponimaju, kollega, i rada za vas))
You can post your comments in English rather then translit, well if it's more convenient for you ;)
It looks awful when I write but I am ok to read :)

So, are you in Prague now?


harpy_furman    21.10.2007 05:19


Теперь уже нет - сегодня я наконец-то вернулась домой - после месяца разъездов. Home sweet home)) Уж на что я люблю всякие путешествия, но, похоже, и мне надо иногда делать перерывы))

By the way, your English looks far from being awful ))
It's just a break of self-apprisal... see my next post :\


harpy_furman    21.10.2007 07:47


well, what is lost is lost)) just let it go - there is more fish in the sea!
and who knows - such turn-up might even be for the better))
Oh no, I won't let it go like this :\
But I am out of positive ideas so far :(


harpy_furman    21.10.2007 08:19


Have you fallen for her so much?)
For whom? The girl from my previous post?
Not that much I say... but let's discuss it in under that very post ok? ;) It's 'friends only you know... And since I've added you to my friend-list you granted access there. Leave you comment and I'll gladly reply :)

Mentioning 'next post I meant exactly the next one - the post I was going to write ;) And I already did. It's about my english level :\


harpy_furman    21.10.2007 08:20


Oh shame on me... for 'who', not 'whom' :\


harpy_furman    21.10.2007 08:44


oops! sorry - I'm not good at tracking out chronologial consecution of my LJ-friends' posts) so I was sure we were talking about your after-Muse story.

I can delete here all my comments concerning that night if you like)
No need :)
It's not so private - it's just 'friends only'. And furthermore I'm still dying to know your opinion in more details (in russian certainly) ;)


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